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Started in 1956, Beijing General Research Institute of Mining & Metallurgy (BGRIMM) is a state-owned group directly under the Chinese central government, providing innovative technology, diversified products, and process-orientated engineering services in mineral and material industries worldwide.

As one of BGRIMM’s member, BGRIMM Advanced Material Science & Technology Co., Ltd (The company)has initiated R & D in thermal spray materials and technology since 1960s’ and made essential contribution to the development of thermal spray industry in China In 1981, BGRIMM was nominated as the general director of National Thermal Spraying Association by the central government. The nationally influential journals of “Thermal Spray Technology” have been published quarterly and National Thermal Spray Convention sponsored annually by us since then. The last three decades has seen our great achievements and contribution to the thermal spray industry in China. The company and its predecessor have undertaken nearly 200 national and industrial R & D projects, won more than 90 national or industrial projects and product awards, and has more than 90 patents and released more than 100 kinds of thermal spray powder products, we have always offered high quality products and service with international advanced technology and equipments. At present, the company has 10 Doctors, 55 Masters (11 in-service Doctors), 39 senior technical titles and 25 intermediate titles. With certification for ISO9001, we are able to supply various kinds of thermal spray powders in scope and depth, both universal and tailored, including blending, fusing, agglomerating, sintering, crushing, water and gas atomization, plasma spheroidization.

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Committed to becoming an international first-class material technology company in the field of surface and refractory materials and technology, providing high-quality products and services to global partners.

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Become a domestic first-class modern material technology company integrating research, development, production and operation, especially with core competitiveness in the field of surface technology and materials and refractory materials, and become an indispensable supporting unit of the national new materials industry.
Corporate values: honesty and trustworthiness to achieve customers
Enterprise tenet: Contribute to society and achieve employees
Entrepreneurship: unity, truth-seeking, development, dedication
Business philosophy: leading technology and market-oriented
Management philosophy: people-oriented pursuit of excellence

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